In this quick tech update, I’ll walk you through replacing a battery in your Apple AirTag. It’s super easy. Here’s how (and a link to the batteries)

Step 1: With the silver side facing you, press down at 9&3 o’clock and rotate to your left (counterclockwise) until it stops. The cover will pop up. Set it aside.

image courtesy Apple

Step 2: You can now install your new battery. Just make sure the positive side is facing you (up).image courtesy Apple

Step 3: Place the cover over the 3 tabs and press down…image courtesy AppleWait for a “chime” sound that indicates it’s installed and connected properly.image courtesy AppleStep 4: While you are pressing down, rotate the cover clockwise (right) until it stops.image courtesy Appleimages courtesy Apple

That’s it. You’re done! Now get your Airtag back to work LOL.