If you like to cook as I do, I’m going to have to admit something…

For years I used the same old plastic cutting board, which looked new, for about 1 month. It wasn’t long that not only did it look like a science experiment, but I stopped using it because all I could imagine is bacteria with all the deep grooves.

Don’t get me wrong, I clean it THOROUGHLY after every use with soap and water, but it just started to look pretty bad.

I kept putting off getting a good cutting board because I THOUGHT that any REALLY good one would be REALLY expensive… then I came across this Organic Bamboo Cutting board. I was wrong because it’s not just affordable, but it’s REALLY nice. Trust me, you’re gonna want to grab one too.

This Natural Organic Bamboo Chopping Board is PERFECT for Meats, Cheeses, and Vegetables. Let me tell you some of the features of this beautiful cutting board… It has MORE SURFACE area (as an extra large cutting board) which means you can do it all on here at the same time.

This means less meal prep time for you. One thing I did is pick up some “food grade” mineral oil to condition or season the board, and it makes a WORLD of difference. Not only does it help prep it for use, but works great to keep it looking great as time goes by.

Now, the size of the cutting board I purchased (above) is 17-½” x 12” and comes with these DEEP GROOVES around the perimeter, which means less chance for juices dripping off the board, which also means less mess and easier cleanups. And this is very important… Greener Chef provides a Lifetime Warranty, and a Money Back Guarantee – So basically this is the last bamboo cutting board you’ll ever need.

You can use it for a fruit or meat cutting board and is the perfect large wooden cutting board for kitchen slicing and dicing. It’s made of 100% Moso Bamboo and is very KNIFE FRIENDLY, which means it will help you keep your knives sharper, and longer.

Moso Bamboo is chosen because after it’s processed it’s known for being very hard and durable. In fact, Moso Bamboo is so durable it’s also used for hardwood flooring in very high-traffic areas, so as a cutting board it will last you a LONG time. And, you can use the other side as a large bamboo platter for serving guests your bread, meats, and cheeses. As far as cleaning it?… it is so EASY TO CLEAN

Just make sure to Season your bamboo board with food-grade cooking oil when you first get it, then to wash it, simply use soap and water and your cutting board is as good as new! Greener Chef states it will NOT WARP, split, or crack. So this cutting board can last you a lifetime.

Listen, If you like to cook, and who doesn’t with the way the cost of food has become so expensive, then I HIGHLY recommend adding this to your kitchen. Here is where you can find it, and I paid way less than I thought it was going to cost, so it’s inexpensive for the quality you receive. You can also get a pack of 3 different-size boards if you want them at a really great deal too. (links below)

And last, I highly suggest you pick up some Cutting Board Oil to condition it. I got the one from Thirteen Chefs, and it’s a must for the longevity of your cutting board and keeps it looking like new. (plus that bottle will last you a LONG time). I put a link to that below also so you can find it.

Bon’ Apetite!

Where I Found Them for the best prices:

18” Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Food Grade Mineral Oil

3-pack Bamboo Cutting Boards

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