My Tech & Tools

Since I’m a Productivity, Tech, Gadget, and YouTube nut, I’m always trying out new tools.

Here’s my current list of favorites that help keep me as productive as possible.

📱 Phone

My daily driver is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. (I tried the 12 Pro Max but it was just tooooo big for me), and the iPhone 12 mini was toooo small.

👨🏼‍💻 Computer

For years I’ve only used Apple’s Macbooks and my recent workhorse is the Macbook Pro 13″ with the M1 chip (it’s a video editing beast) along with My Passport external 2TB SSD drive.

⌨️ Keyboard

Lately I’ve been using the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Pad. I love that it’s wireless, has fantastic tactile feel, is slim, and I rarely have to charge it. Works perfectly.

⌚️Apple Watch

For many years I didn’t even wear a watch. THEN (more out of curiosity) I got an Apple Watch and now I NEVER take it off (except to charge it). I have a series 7 and really love it… works great and keeps me in check! I HIGHLY recommend it. Plus you can get lots of different cool watch bands for it.

🎧 For My Ears

I use both the Airpods & the Airpods Pro and love them both. The sound quality is amazing and wireless is the ONLY way to go.

💻 My iPad Mini 6

This past year I’ve found myself working a LOT from my recently new iPad mini 6. It’s small, easy to hold in one hand, and has a powerful chip which makes it pretty amazing. Great for those late nights on the couch when I don’t want my laptop in my lap because I’m just running out of energy!

💳 For My Pocket

Still carrying a big thick wallet? Ya I used to. I always carried more stuff than I really needed so I scaled down to a “thin” wallet, and it’s trackable worldwide too! I got the Ekster Senate Cardholder and am glad I did.

🧰 Tools & Services I Use

🎼 Music (Epidemic)

💻 Keyword Research Tool (TubeBuddy)

🔎 Youtube Topic & Keyword Tool (VidIQ)

🎬 For YouTube

Creating YouTube videos can be done with something as simple as your iPhone, but, I want to provide the highest quality possible so here’s what I use.

View My COMPLETE list here

🛠️ My Gear

Sony a7S III Camera

Sony a7IV Full Frame Camera

SD UHS-II 128GB Card

Sony 16-35 GM Lens

Sony a6400 Kit

Sigma 16mm Lens

DJI Osmos Action 3 Combo

DJI Mini 2

Diety Mic

Blue Yeti X Pro USB Mic

Shock Mount for Blue Yeti

Mic Boom Arm for Desk

Mic Pop Filter

Joby GorillaPod 3K

DJI Mavic Mini 2 Combo

Induro Tripod

Induro Ballhead

Induro Video Panhead

Amaran LED light

Apurture Soft Box


Uplift Deck V2 Commercial

Cool Neon Signs (15% off with my link)

🖥️ Software & Misc.

Final Cut Pro X (I switched from Premiere Pro a while back… glad I did)

Notion (for keeping track of details & schedules)

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Canva (for YouTube thumbnails and graphics)

Screenflow Video Editing

Sublime Text (code editor)

Nova (Mac code editor)

*Some links are Amazon and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The price is the same, I just get a small referral fee, which helps support my website and YouTube channel, so thanks for helping out!