Bonneville Salt Flats in Reflection

Between my architecture, interior, golf course or business photography assignments, I am ALWAYS shooting something to update my wall art prints for sale.

This includes my most recent panorama photo I shot at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. And my timing was perfect. It was just a day or two after a lingering storm moved through producing lots of rain. The water was still there when I arrived which created some amazing reflections in an otherwise flat white subject.

Reflections are “added” by some photographers but when I can photograph them without creating them in post-production, it always adds more depth than you ever can with a computer.

On my arrival, there was literally no one around. I was amazed that there weren’t more photographers around but was pleased that I could take my time to create this. I took 6 photographs and stitched them together into this wide panorama.

It is available for sale as a print, or ready to hang wall art. I hope it helps bring feeling into your home or office!

[click to see the entire wide panorama]
Bonneville Salts Flats with water reflection for wall art

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  1. Pakjira Sirison
    Pakjira Sirison says:

    Dear Mark,

    Im wondering what time of the year did you visit the salt flat when you captured this picture?? Im planning to go there this December and would love to catch some water + reflection as you did.


    • Mark Spomer
      Mark Spomer says:

      Pakjira, so sorry I didn’t see your comment in time to respond. I actually don’t remember but it was after a storm had moved through a day or two before I arrived. I hope you had a successful trip!


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